Coffee served in Comptoir de l'atelier at Quartier Des Marinas

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In addition to the Comptoir de l'atelier bakery located onsite at the hotel, Quartier des marina is just steps from the best restaurants in Magog, Quebec. Our staff will be happy to make recommendations on where to eat and have put together a brief glimpse of the Magog dining scene to get your taste buds started.

Downtown Magog, Quebec boasts a vibrant and diverse dining scene that caters to every palate and craving. Explore a culinary journey through the charming streets lined with a wide range of restaurants, bistros, and cafés. Indulge in farm-to-table delights, where local ingredients take center stage, creating dishes bursting with flavor and freshness. Sample exquisite seafood, savory French cuisine, or sample international menus ranging from Italian to Asian fusion. Whether you're seeking a cozy café for a morning espresso, a fine dining experience for a special occasion, or a lively pub for a casual night out, downtown Magog offers an array of options to satisfy every culinary desire.

Comptoir de l'atelier

Experienced bakers and pastry chefs will share with you the heritage of artisanal taste through each of their creations.

The Mam'zelle Pub

Located in the heart of Rue Principale, this restaurant offers an exceptional culinary experience, featuring a tempting menu inspired by the seasons. They are dedicated to satisfying hungry tummies and awakening curious taste buds.

Restaurant Baumann

Restaurant Baumann, renowned for its refined gourmet cuisine, is now offering an exclusive catering box service, The anti-stress Baumann box, which will enhance your experience by combining comfort and gastronomy.

Close-up of a sunset over the lake near Quartier Des Marinas