Dogs & Cats are welcome
Dogs & Cats are welcome

Don't leave your best friend behind. On the second floor, every dog is a VIP!

Enjoy nearby parks, trails and mountains with your faithful companion. Don't leave your dog at home, book now and share memorable moments exploring our ideal location together. 

Our hotel opens its doors to you and your four-legged friends! There's more, we're a proud partner of Toutourisme in Québec.


Special PetFriendly basket

For only $40 more, get :

-A bag of either Milk&Bone brand beef or chicken treats.

-A roll of more than 50 bags for your needs.

-A ceramic bowl in the colors of L'Hôtel~Expérience Quartier des marinas as a souvenir of your stay.

Toutourisme Québec

Hôtel~Expérience Quartier des marinas is officially a partner of Toutourisme and is offering Club Amitoutou members an exclusive 20% discount with the promotional code "BFF".

*Code valid with membership card only at check-in.